The cattery is situated in one of the farm’s barns. We have 16 chalets, some single and some that can hold up to 3 cats. Some chalets have cat flaps which enable clients with more than 3 cats to share chalets and so not be isolated from each other for the duration of their stay. 

If your cat has any special dietary requirements we kindly ask that you would provide the necessary food. Otherwise we will provide food for your cat for the duration of the stay.

If you would like us to look after a smaller pet we can also accommodate guinea pigs, rabbits etc. We would prefer if a cage or hutch can be provided but if that is not possible then we can accommodate them in chalets.

We ask that when you leave your pet with us, you provide details of your preferred vet just in case of any signs of illness. If for some reason your vet is unavailable and we feel it is necessary then we will use our own very reliable vet for further advice.




Please note there will be a slight increases in pricing effective from 1st April 2018.

(Please see price changes in brackets)

Thank you.


1 Cat = £5.00 per day (£6.00)

2 Cats = £8.00 per day (£10.00)

3 Cats = £12.00 per day (£14.00)

4 cats or more please contact us.

The above prices include food unless your cat is on a specific diet in which case we ask you to bring your own food.

We also board small animals, preferably in their own hutches/cages although we can accommodate in chalets.

1 rabbit/guinea pig/hamster = £5.00 per day (£6.00)


















Created by Natalie Allman, 2011